Tek Giants Inc helps to
Automate your email campaigns and reach customers with relevant messaging.
Add mobile messaging to your email and social campaigns
Track the behavior of your customers, increase conversion rates and subsequent order values.
The Marketing Cloud product offering spreads over — email, mobile, social, and web.
Take individual customer journeys across different channels of communication, manage all on a single platform.
Use advanced analytics to increase the pipe and get maximum out of your marketing investments.
Our Center of Excellence is consistently growing new service offerings to meet your continually evolving needs.
Build and manage any kind of email campaign.
Use CRM and other data for personalization that drives engagement.
Utilize SMS, MMS, push notices to engage clients at anytime, anyplace.
Go cross-channel and develop your advanced advertising technique by adding mobility to your email and social crusades.
Associate social to advertising, deals, and administration with web-based social networking showcasing devices.
Tek Giants Inc helps to
Engage customers with one integrated platform to unify sales, service, and marketing.
License reseller of Pardot & Social Studio.
Direct clients from attention to promote.
Associate over each channel, on any gadget.
Make your Marketing Team brilliant and more profitable.
We ensure security and scalability first.

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