Ideal for enterprises looking to streamline and mobilize AP approvals, our application was designed to minimize inefficiencies and make the accounts payable process a seamless workflow. Integrated with your Tek Giants Inc portal, your data is secured and accessible via configurable permissions, providing the controls and security your organization requires. Search for invoices, take detailed notes or even delegate invoices throughout your organization, your AP workflow can now be accessed and maintained wherever you go.

Role-based Access and Permissions

Maintain security and organizational control with configurable permission-based logins. Admin users can define roles and permissions as needed at any time, providing not only a secure environment but also allowing users to access and focus on only the operations critical to their role.

Intuitive Dashboard

Access to common functions quickly and easily with our intuitive dashboard. Based on your login permissions, you can access mission-critical activities such as document searching, viewing and delegation within seconds. You can even access technical support at the touch of a button.

Approval Management

From the mobile application, role-based users can access bills and immediately approve for payment or choose to block from payment at that time. Include detailed notes per document and your organization is able to maintain transparency and communication, real-time across the web and mobile applications.

Document Delegation

In order to maintain a seamless AP workflow free of bottlenecks, efficient document routing is a must. Simply locate your documents requiring attention and delegate them to the appropriate personnel within your organization. All users of your portal are available can be found in the application, making, delegation a simple and painless process.

View and Search Invoices

Our robust invoice tagging system allows for quick access of your invoices and bills. With our document search capabilities, you can locate exactly the documents you are looking for by using an assortment of search criteria, including:

Document ID
Invoice #
Invoice date
Invoice Type
Invoice $ Amount
Detailed Document Notes

Maintain clear communication within your organization and keep everyone up to date on details at an individual document level. View and edit notes for your documents and changes will be immediately visible to all mobile and web portal users.

Application and Work-flow Support

Submitting a technical issue or reaching out for support is just a click away. Provide issue details and our technical team will respond within 24hrs of your inquiry, guaranteed. Or for internal support, simply fill out a simple form and your internal support needs can be routed to the internal team member of your choosing.

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